Improving your search engine rankings by having your website listed in the top search engine sites like Yahoo and Google does not involve crucial processes that are left with the computer geeks. Although the process is not entirely simple, favorable results from search engine optimization or SEO are very achievable. What complicates it is the way some internet marketers want to achieve it. They usually want a precise result so they employ more sophisticated internet marketing tools that lead to high search engine rankings. For small businesses, however, getting listed in the rankings is achieved simply after doing the basics in SEO. But, as you will see, there are ways on how to effectively utilize the SEO process in order to achieve the best results.

You know that the first step involves the identification of the perfect keywords for your website. The second step is inputting them to the different aspects of your website. There are different features in your website where you can place your selected keywords in order to ensure your high rankings with every search. Aside from making them appear in the overall content of your website, you must first include them in your title tags, meta tags, and URL. Technically, a title tag determines the title of a specific webpage through the line of HTML code inputted, while the meta tag is the text description that is shown underneath the URL of your website when it appears in an engine search.

Having keywords in these features increases your chance of being shown in the top search results as these are the top consideration of most search engines in choosing the websites for each search. As for your URLs, you can turn them into descriptive ones that could contain some of your keywords. Be wary, however, of placing too many words in the URL extension or after the dot-com. Five words should be enough. If you had your website created by someone else, you do not have to worry about this part. All you have to do is instruct them what words to include in these features.

Next, you should work on the content of your website. At this point, you must have an idea how powerful keywords could be in the context of search engine optimization and rankings. If you have keywords in your titles, then you must also have them in your texts. Making your keywords appear in texts in every page possible is strategic, but you should not neglect the sense of these texts in the process. Internet users read or rather, scan the pages before digging in. if your texts do not contain useful or sensible information, you won’t increase traffic in your website.

Obviously, one of the last steps is to promote your website, especially to your main markets. You must know that creating a website and having SEO processes applied to it is not the end or all your hard work will only come to waste. This way, you do not only rely on the search engines to pick your website.

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