For website owners, to provide an extension to their services is a common goal. For an internet marketer, however, to be one of the top websites for every user search is one of the most important things in having a website. To be able to do this, they employ the so-called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization generally has a definite set of procedures that determine how a website can improve its search engine ranking. These procedures may or may not be paid for, depending on the internet marketing’s chosen strategies. However, the process is generally affordable. Here are the steps:

Finding the perfect keywords


Search engine optimization usually starts with brainstorming for the perfect keywords that could be utilized for the website. This step includes benchmarking for the keywords used by close competitors. The trick to finding the best keyword is to have those that will receive little rivalry with your competitors.

Transform keywords into phrases or expressions

The next step is fusing the keywords in order to form brief expressions that are usually composed of phrases with one to about 5 words in length. In this step, you are smartly guessing and choosing the keywords that are likely typed by internet users in the search engines.

Assess the strength of the keywords

Then, the internet marketer should investigate about the number of searches done for each keyword or expression. Check the synonyms of your keywords and try inputting them into a search engine. The results will show you who your competitors are. In order to gain advantage from your competitors, browse their websites and look for other possible synonymous keywords that you can use.

Finalize and incorporate the keywords to your website

When the keywords or expression phrases become final, the internet marketing tools that will carry these keywords to be used are selected. Of course, it is automatic that you use them in your URL’s, titles, headers, meta tags, and the overall content of your website, but there are other internet marketing tools that could effectively carry the keywords. One is the article marketing tool. Here, you create articles that have a definite number of keywords that maximize your search engine ranking.

Submit your page to directories

When you have completed the internet marketing tools that contain the keywords, it is time for you to submit them to directory listings and search engines. Aside from this, you may expand your network by partnering with other websites that can provide a link to your own website.

This set of procedure is usually done in a step-by-step manner, which seems to be logical to any internet marketer. It is mentioned, however, that there are other ways to do this and they may be paid or not. If you really want to ensure that your website gets to the first 10 searches, you may pay search engines like Google to put you there. Although this seems the best way, you may patiently follow the steps given above and still get favorable results.

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